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The word “Wedding” ends with “ing” – signifying a term that is progressively ongoing. That is because marriage is built day by day. On the day you and your partner announce your commitments, we strive to make sure the journey sets out on the right note.

We now provide online consultations to assist you with planning your wedding. Share your planning journey with us and let us guide you along.

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Dear Chere,

Had the privilege of working together with the Chere team at our wedding and it was hands down, one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was initially skeptical about hiring a team of wedding coordinator, after all, I had about 80% of the wedding all planned out already. Decided to take the plunge as our wedding was a pretty big one and I figured I didn't want to be too stressed out on the wedding day. The team came in about a month before the wedding and I have to say, I felt a huge amount of relief the moment they came onboard.

Herlina was in charge of our wedding and she is quite possibly one of the sweetest, patient, and efficient person I have worked with. Ben and I didn't have to worry about anything because we knew we were in good hands.

On our wedding day, I remember telling her I wished I had a straw (so that I can drink my water), and she whipped out this straw from her bag LOL. And when I complained that my feet were aching, she has got gel insoles inside her bag ready for me to use. They aren't just co-ordinators, they are truly somebody who cares about you and your wedding day.

- Cindy, Brand Manager, 17 May '17

Dear Chere,

As my fiance and his family were living overseas, coordinating wedding planning turned out to be far more taxing than we expected, thanks to distance and time zone differences. Hence, we engaged Chère in March 2018 for our wedding in April 2019, and we opted for their full suite of services (in hindsight, the best decision we made in relation to the wedding).

Sophia was our main coordinator, and from start to finish she was nothing short of phenomenal. She was infinitely patient with our questions (there were many) and multiple decision changes, no matter how big or last minute they were. She also had a keen eye for detail and took careful note of our preferences in every aspect of the wedding planning, including aspects we hadn't thought of or had forgotten about. Sophia was definitely more on-the-ball than we were, keeping us on-task throughout the year of planning work. We really appreciated this, because life tends to get in the way and we would definitely have been rushing to finish a lot of things in the last couple of weeks if it hadn't been for her and the Chère team. Supported by Wei Wei and Herlina during the planning process, they worked wonderfully together to meet anything and everything we threw at them with a smile and a prompt solution.

Thank you again to the team for making our wedding so memorable, and a special shout-out to Sophia, who was a real star!

- Neeti, Psychologist, 20 Apr '19

Dear Chere,

Our wedding would not have been possible without the help of Herlina, Wei Wei, and the rest of the Chere crew. Given that we are based overseas, we decided that engaging an end-to-end wedding planner was the most practical thing to do, and our decision to engage Chere was possibly the single best decision we made as part of the wedding (besides saying “yes” to each other of course).

Herlina and Wei Wei were incredibly professional throughout the course of planning our wedding. From the get-go, you could tell they were very experienced and came across as detail-oriented, which gave us full faith that the wedding would go smoothly (and it did!). They were very on top of the timeline leading up to the wedding; we both have crazy work schedules and had asked them to kick our butts when decisions needed to be made. They were very responsive to all of our questions, and very patiently and calmly dealt with a number of sensitive situations we threw their way. In addition, given the time difference, they also sacrificed some early mornings and odd hours to ensure that we had regular check-ins leading up to the wedding.

Thank you for partnering with us and making the wedding happen! We highly recommend Chere to any couple out there looking for an experienced, meticulous, and responsible team of wedding planners. We don't think you'd get this much support elsewhere!

- Jonathan, Management Consultant, 14 Jul '19

Dear Chere,

In addition to WW's professionalism, she understood that our families and friends were a close part of the process as well. She made all of them felt included by doing house visits, meetings with them and printed handouts for every stage. One of the most impressive was the traditional customary explained in her guide book. It was a comprehensive collection of all the different dialect traditions with detailed ‘must dos’ and ‘must buys’. This saved us from all our troubles with the conflicting ideas that our parents had in mind about the ‘traditional’ traditions.

On the actual day, as with the whole wedding planning process, the schedule was detailed in the aforementioned handouts. We cruised through the timings and locations effortlessly, while focusing on hosting and thanking our guests. Throughout the entire wedding ceremony and banquet, we didn’t had to make or receive a single phone call from our vendors.

There are many reasons to choose a wedding planner. For what is worth, the greatest value we gleaned out of this decision is the fond memories that are left. WW managed to go beyond the mundane concept of planning into a complete wedding experience. We would strongly recommend Chere Weddings for their structured programs, industry network and WW subtle yet effective management.

- Elizabeth, Finance Manager, 1 Oct '17

Dear Chere,

My first meeting with Weiwei and her team, and the few days that followed, had left a strong and very positive first impression on me – that of a team that is close-knitted, very professional, and passionate about what they are doing. I’m glad my first impression wasn’t proven wrong. Throughout my almost eight months long planning journey with them, Weiwei (our main contact) was always extremely responsive to our questions and requests, giving not just quick answers but well-thought suggestions catered to our needs. She and her team were also very good at anticipating our concerns, doing things in advance to ensure that we won’t need to be burdened with last-minute worries.

They are also a very personable bunch of people, balancing professionalism and quiet confidence in what they are doing with a good amount of fun and energy (Bendy was our emcee during the dinner reception and people took to him very well!). You really can feel assured that your event planning is in good hands, so much so that you may start getting too relaxed about your big day!

- Tey Siang, Management Consultant, 18 Feb '17

Dear Chere,

I was sceptical at first given that getting a wedding planner isn't a very common approach that most couples in Singapore would go towards. I had no friends who had personally gone through an experience of having a planner on-board. Yet looking at how hectic my job can be, I knew that we didn't have a choice if we wanted to pull off a wedding.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions we made for the wedding to come to fruition. Personally, I would like to thank Herlina for being immensely patient with my lack of replies and at the same time being immensely prompt in her replies whenever I had a sudden random question even out of her usual working hours. Herlina would even send me reminders on what to bring for my gown appointments and nudging me now and then for inputs that she required.

Words can't fully express my gratitude to you and your team for getting us through to this final step. Even though it was a service provided by your company that we paid for but I felt that you guys had given us more than what money can properly commensurate. On behalf of Kee Meng, I would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and I hope more couples out there get to experience the magic that your company does. Please continue the awesome work that you guys have been doing!

- Adeline, Police, 30 Oct '17

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