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5 ways to keep your guests entertained at the wedding!

A boring wedding is a nightmare. Now, we want the wedding to be fun and entertaining – both you and your guests should have a good time at the reception! Here are some fun ways to incorporate fun ...

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5 ways to surprise your bride/groom on your wedding day

She said “YES!”, the guests RSVP-ed and the both of you began the gruesome journey of planning for the big day. Before either of you get drowned in the process, do not forget that this day is ...

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5 things to ask your florists

Flowers have their role to play when it comes to wedding. They add colours and help to bring out the atmosphere of the celebration. However they can be daunting to deal with especially when most of ...

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Chère at Work: DIY Book Backdrop for an intimate solemnization

A couple of weeks ago, we put together a ceremony backdrop hoping to add a wow factor to the look of an intimate wedding. It basically looked like this:   We were awed by it ourselves and here is ...

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5 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Budget in Control

  A wedding is no doubt one of the most important occasions for most of us. Being a “once in a lifetime” event, we dream of having the perfect celebration. This often entails heavy financial ...

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Chère Wedding: Rustic “Hobbits” Wedding

When I first met Gerald and Siying, it was the Chinese New Year period in 2012. I recall it was a Saturday and the appointment was arranged right in the middle of a family gathering I was supposed to ...

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