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Tips for Mailing your Wedding Invitation Cards

It may seem like a piece of cake – indicate your recipient’s address on the envelope and “pop!” it goes into the mailbox along with a mountain of mail waiting to be sent out. However, ...

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Things to Avoid the Night Before Your Wedding

The night before you say “I do” is possibly going to be one of the most nerve-wrecking nights of your life. You have spent the past few months planning for a perfect wedding, and it would all be a ...

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5 Reasons to get married in Bali – An all-in-one Wedding Destination

Imagine standing on the peak of a cliff while the sun sets behind your back, nature singing, water flowing down a majestic waterfall as you speak words of unity, commitment and promise to the person ...

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Intimate Blue & White Wedding at Jade Restaurant of The Fullerton Hotel

After more than a decade of courtship, Jiajun & Michelle are finally tying the knot! They have done what most couples would deem challenging, surviving a long distance relationship. Till today, ...

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5 Things You Should Not Be Saving On For Your Wedding

You probably have read several articles on how you can save some money for your wedding. The extra dollars saved can definitely give you a little more to spend for your honeymoon travel or your new ...

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5 ways to keep your guests entertained at the wedding!

A boring wedding is a nightmare. Now, we want the wedding to be fun and entertaining – both you and your guests should have a good time at the reception! Here are some fun ways to incorporate fun ...

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