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Mix Culture Wedding

There is a common question that goes “Do you live to eat, or do you eat to live?” With typical hectic lifestyles, people would usually answer the latter. However, this love story about to be told, ...

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Choosing the right venue for your wedding

There are so many different types of wedding venues available out there – be it typical ones such as hotels and restaurants, or unconventional choices such as the beach or mountain tops – many ...

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New wedding venues to explore in Singapore – Hotels edition

Hotels are one of the more sought-after and preferred venues for soon-to-be couples in Singapore these days, many of which chosen for their outstanding in-house facilities and alluring interiors. Here ...

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Tips to create an unforgettable Destination Wedding

Thinking of holding an extraordinary and impeccable destination wedding, to never be forgotten by those whom you have invited? We have the answer to your question, as here are some tips for you to ...

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Colonial Destination Wedding

Rubindra and Novita is a couple based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Together, they made the decision to hold their big day in sunny Singapore, within the grounds of a hotel designed and built with stunning ...

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Chere Weddings FAQs

Planning a wedding is never easy, especially if you have tons of questions but you can’t seem to find any answers for them. To start your wedding planning journey on the right track, we have ...

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