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4 Tips for Planning a Honeymoon (and 4 Mistakes to avoid)

You have spent months preparing for your wedding, but let’s not forget the honeymoon – Don’t just wing it at the very last minute! Here are some tips to help you in planning a romantic ...

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Marrying the Girl of Your Dreams

It is every man’s wish to marry a girl of their dreams, and Shawn is fortunate enough to be able to do so with Carolyn. Everything started back in 2012, the year which Shawn saw Carolyn for the ...

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Significance of Chinese Customs

Traditional Chinese customs have been practiced during Chinese weddings for decades, being passed down from generations to generations with the belief of blessing couples with an everlasting love and ...

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Baby Gender Reveal Party

What better way to celebrate the exciting news of welcoming a baby boy or girl than to hold a gender reveal party. Considered a common celebration in western countries, a gender reveal party is held ...

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Tips for Mailing your Wedding Invitation Cards

It may seem like a piece of cake – indicate your recipient’s address on the envelope and “pop!” it goes into the mailbox along with a mountain of mail waiting to be sent out. However, ...

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Things to Avoid the Night Before Your Wedding

The night before you say “I do” is possibly going to be one of the most nerve-wrecking nights of your life. You have spent the past few months planning for a perfect wedding, and it would all be a ...

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