Why Hire a Wedding Planner in Singapore


Are you getting married and wondering if you should engage the services of a wedding planner? From those who have tied the knot, it is not unusual for them to share that hiring a wedding planner was the best decision they made for the wedding besides, well, their partner. For couples who reside in Singapore as well as those who want to make Singapore the destination for their wedding ceremony, getting a wedding planner on board the planning journey may help stem away those wedding blues!

What do wedding planners do?

The services provided by experienced wedding planners are usually determined after a meeting with the bride and groom to stipulate what elements would be present in their dream wedding. The professionals can assist with defining a theme, suggesting a location, and decorating the location for any ceremonies and related events. As a general overview, the planner usually covers every aspects of the wedding from conception to budgeting, vendors management, logistics and actual day coordination.

Finding a reliable wedding planner is not a task that should be casually done. You should check for their reputation and past testimonials to ensure that you are engaging someone who is truly qualified for the work. Do not feel shy to interview several and select someone with whom you can establish a rapport or connection with. After all, you will be spending plenty of time with this individual or team from the initial planning stage until you are wedded.

Wedding planners relieve stress

The use of a professional to take care of the bountiful wedding tasks is one of the wisest things a bridal pair can do to relieve their load and pressure prior to the big day. Many brides dream of a fairy-tale wedding from childhood, but often fail to realize how much tension comes with turning that dream into a reality. In many instances, the bride particularly is too worn and frazzled from all the preparation work to fully enjoy herself during the actual wedding day. Leaving the most stressful tasks to the wedding planner will allow the bride (and groom), to really immerse herself in the bliss of the moment.

Contacts and negotiation

When in the search for professionals to provide hair, makeup, floral, decorations or catering services, there are many firms and individuals with the competent skills and equipment. How do you go about making your selection from the crowd? A good wedding planner would have their best contacts with a good fit for your requirements. For the budget constrained, wedding planners may also help you to get more value and avoid getting ripped off by unscrupulous vendors.

Knowledge of the best locales

Having a Singaporean wedding planner will give you the people with the required local knowledge. By using a Singapore wedding planner, you will have the expert knowledge of this sunny island available to you. There are actually many beautiful indoor and outdoor locations for holding a wedding ceremony, and Singaporean wedding planners would know the good places to do so. They would also have great tips and ideas on the scenic locations for your bridal shoot.

Taking care of the little things

A competent wedding planner and wedding coordinator will ensure that every detail is perfectly planned and executed. The planner can do part or all of the extensive work that is involved in creating your dream wedding celebration. Small ceremonies or ones with hundreds of friends and families are each handled with creativity and care. Many couples have been rescued by the help of a planning specialist during unforeseen situations by having a spare lipstick in the right shade or a replacement button to mend the missing one on the best man’s shirt. You would have no idea how much detailed planning goes on behind the scenes, and what the guests and participants see are only the beautiful results of the hard work.

Since a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, wedding couple would want to make it an unforgettable one. A wedding planner would certainly take your planning woes off your load and enable you to truly enjoy your wedding.

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