Tips for Mailing your Wedding Invitation Cards


It may seem like a piece of cake – indicate your recipient’s address on the envelope and “pop!” it goes into the mailbox along with a mountain of mail waiting to be sent out. However, things are not as easy as it seems. To ensure that you did not miss out anything, here are some tips for you before mailing your cards out.

wedding invites

Including your return addresses on cards

With an overwhelming amount of invitations to send, chances of writing the wrong addresses are considerably high. As such, including a return address on the envelope of your wedding invites should be one of the top priorities to ensure that wrongly addressed invites can be returned to you. Doing this would allow everyone on your guest list to successfully receive news on your wedding, allowing them to turn up on the right date, time and location to celebrate this wonderful occasion with you and your special half.

Weighing your cards and mailing it over the counter

Unsure of the number and types of stamps you would need to send out your cards? We recommend heading over to the counter to have it weighed, before mailing it out with the help of the staff present. This would be a must if you happen to have invitation cards that are of unique shapes or made with thicker paper sizes, as weight limits per stamp may be different from the usual. As unimportant as it may seem, this step is crucial – you wouldn’t want your cards mailed back to you nearing your wedding date!

wedding invites

Ensure that the details of your wedding are legible

The legibility of wedding details stated on your invitation cards are particularly important, making up the whole point of sending out invitation cards! With details that are hard to decipher, guests may end up turning up at the wrong time, or worse, at the wrong location. With this, we suggest using contrasting colours on your card, such as dark colours to indicate e.g. your wedding’s date, time and location if your card has a light background. Other than colours, another handy tip would be to mix different font types – Not only does it allow important details to stand out, it would improve the overall aesthetics of your card as well.

Hire a Calligrapher to personalize your invitations

Weddings are considered a major life event, therefore no details are too small to be ignored, not even the smallest of details such as personalizing your invitation cards through the help of hiring a skilled calligrapher.

To many, however, hiring calligraphers may seem like unnecessary costs incurred, only leading to an increase in your wedding budget. Even so, there is another way to look at this problem. Think of it as a method to convey your sincerity to guests, in hopes that they would attend your wedding. While in the midst of adding the special touch of personalizing your cards, it is also important to ensure names provided to calligraphers are of the correct spelling – cards sent to guests with wrongly spelt names will not look very good on your end!

wedding invites

Print your recipient’s information and stick them on envelopes

Time is precious, and often very limited as well when planning for your wedding. To save time, make the choice of printing the names and address labels of your recipients and sticking them onto envelopes instead of writing every one of them by hand. This way, you would be able to use the extra time left thinking of ways to create a wedding you dreamed of.

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