Stephen and Sophia: 30th Wedding Anniversary


It was the beginning of 2020, shortly after her own wedding when Stephanie, reached out to us once again. This time she had wanted us to plan for her parent’s 30th wedding anniversary! We were super honoured and excited to be able to celebrate milestones after milestones with their family!

The initial idea was to have the momentous event celebrated with close family and friends at a meaningful location. However, as the coronavirus befall upon us and restrictions were imposed on gatherings, the hope and possibility of throwing a big party just seem smaller and smaller.

We then went to Stephanie with the suggestion of throwing an intimate celebration at her parent’s house. Though not as big a party anymore, it is still going to be held in a very special venue. We were at Stephanie’s parent’s house during her wedding last year and we had heard many heart-warming stories about the different parts of their home. There was a vintage swing set that stood in the front yard where the family had sat on since Stephanie and her sister were kids. There were also rows of family photos taken over the years capturing the scenes that the family has gone through together. We knew celebrating at home would make the day much more meaningful not just for Stephanie’s parents but also for Stephanie and her sister and of course her husband and future brother-in-law. And these are the people who made up the guest as well as the host of the celebration.

After Stephanie came on board the idea, we set to work while adhering to the prevailing government measures against Covid-19. Without hesitation, Stephanie engaged the wedding professionals who were part of her big day. We had Brian from The Galeria documenting the celebration, and Bloomen joined us once again to spruce up the space.

As pearls are traditionally exchanged as gifts for 30th wedding anniversaries, they were the elements seen throughout the decoration:

To add to the line-up of photos already decorating the house, the family took some photos together. The glass patio was used as the “photo studio” and the space filled with life after adding a floral installation artfully arranged by Bloomen.

We can’t forget the food with it being the most important part of the celebration. Chef Danny from Craftandfood came over to put together the most scrumptious and aesthetically pleasing meal we’ve seen in a while. The entire house smelt wonderful the moment he started preparing the dinner.

It was a lovely celebration for their family of six and it warmed our hearts to witness and celebrate a love that has and continues to stand the test of time. Thank you Stephanie and family for letting us be a part of this precious celebration and Happy Wedding Anniversary Stephen and Sophia!

Wedding Team:

Conceptualisation and Planning: Chere Weddings | Flowers: Bloomen.Co | Photographer: The Galeria | Cake: Crème Maison Bakery | Catering: CraftandFood

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