5 Things You Should Not Be Saving On For Your Wedding


You probably have read several articles on how you can save some money for your wedding. The extra dollars saved can definitely give you a little more to spend for your honeymoon travel or your new home. However, there are certain things you should not compromise on in order for you to have nothing but the best memories of your special day.

01: Wedding gown

Wedding of Weiwei and Cheng Wen, Photo by Mindy Tan. Weiwei's custom Gown is from Jessicacindy

While you can get a wedding gown online at a fraction of the price compared to one from a bridal boutique, potentially saving you up to 2-3 thousand dollars, it can be quite risky. Sometimes, the design of the gown may not turn out to be as shown in the pictures, but more importantly, you are not able to see how you look in the gown, or whether it even fits, until it reaches your doorstep. Having to alter an ill-fitted gown may ultimately cost you as much as what you’d pay for at a bridal boutique. As such, you might as well head straight to the professional. There is no need to spend your entire wedding budget on a designer gown but your wedding gown should be a perfect fit for you.

02: Photographers (and videographers)

Wedding of Kane & Vicky, Photo by KC of Feelm

You have spent so much time and efforts preparing for the big day, it is going to be worth hiring an actual professional to document it. You may wish to rethink asking relatives or close friends to stand in as photographers. Sure, your close friend may have a pretty decent camera but that does not make him the best candidate to capture you from the best angle under the various lighting at your wedding banquet.

That being said, you don’t have to hire someone that would cost a bomb. Stick to your (reasonable) budget and look out for photographers who shoot and edit in a style that speaks to you. After all pictures (and videos) are the only things you can count on to relive the wedding day. Review their websites or blogs to check out photos of other weddings they have shot at. This will give you an idea of their shooting style, and allow you to discern if their photos are up to your expectations.

03: Make-up artist

Wedding of Joshua & Ashley, Photo by Mindy Tan

You may be good at doing your own make-up for an everyday look or the occasional glamourous party you attend, but being able to do full make-up that would look good in your wedding photos (which is of much higher quality than your average photo) is another story. Professional make-up artists are experienced in creating long-lasting looks that will look beautiful in photos.

04: Food

Wedding of Joshua & Ashley, Photo by Kua

While there is no need to serve a king’s feast at your wedding, you should still ensure the wedding menu is of quality. After all, your guests are there to enjoy a good meal and have a good time. Other than hearing your vows and conveying their well-wishes,the food at your wedding is also probably what most of your guests will remember, over anything else. If you wish to save on your wedding banquet, we suggest you to have a wedding lunch reception instead of a wedding dinner. You could even consider holding your banquet on a weekday rather than a weekend.

05: Wedding coordinator/ planner

We’re not saying this because we’re in it. It is going to be your biggest day of your life, you would not want to be panicking and doing firefighting at the very last minute. Getting a professional who has a list of recommended vendors and is experienced with handling all sorts of unexpected wedding emergencies would prove to be extremely helpful. You can hire a wedding planner who will be with you every step of the way especially if you are already bogged down with endless work every day. Alternatively, if you have already sourced for vendors and preparations are more or less settled, you can opt for a month-of or day-of wedding coordinator to ensure things go smoothly. While hiring a professional will add on to your wedding costs, it may be one of the best investments you can make as you get to avoid a bridal meltdown from having too much on your plate. You also wouldn’t want to trouble a friend or relative to handle the last minute mishap especially when they are also there on your special day to celebrate with you.

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